The Kitchen


En romantisk historie af Laura Carter. Paperback, fin stand. Engelsk tekst.


Maggie is ready to become the next head chef at Michelin-starred Manhattan restaurant, Jean-Sebastien's. Unfortunately, she's competing against notoriously arrogant Ethan for the job.

Food critic Emily can make or break a chef's career. On a knife-edge after the death of her estanged father, she decides to critique her ex-best friend, Maggie.

When single mum Nayomi takes a job as a kitchen porter, she has no idea that her Sri Lankan home cooking might be the only thing that could save Maggie's career.

With just a few words, Emily could bring down Jean-Sebastien's and, with it, Maggie's and Nayomi's dreams. Can Emily overcome her past resentments, or will they all boil over.